• Sunday , 7 June 2020

12 courses will be held to better the knowledge about cultural diversity and immigrant population

The Training Programme in Intercultural and Migrations for 2017 contains  12 educational activities of 20 hours each to train 325 professionals, desirebly from the Andalusian public institutions, whose work is directly or partially related with migrant population in Andalusia,  but the courses are also open to other professionals and people interested.

These educational courses will be held in different Andalusian provinces between September and November. As a novelty, this year there will be an activity in a distance learning format about “Migration, interculturality and diversity management”, expected to start in November.

The participation application must be submitted through the virtual office of the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, in the next link: https://ws199.juntadeandalucia.es/OficinaVirtual/

The submission period will be open from the 14th of July until 10 work days before the activity is held.

The application will be accepted in order and confirmed by email, in preference to the public administration personnel that fulfil the established requirements. To participate in the activity, previous permission from the person responsible for the authorisation will be required. The duration of the course is 20 hours.

The educational activities will be certified by the Andalusian Institue of Public Administration or the Public Security School, conditioned by the fulfilment of the requirements.

To obtain a certificate of attendance, the alumni must attend at least 80% of the total duration that will be checked by an attendance register of signatures of each session.
If the criteria established by the Andalusian Institute of Public Administrations is not fulfilled and if there are still people interested in the activity, this will be carried out without obtaining the certification.
More information

Technical Secretariat
Phone number: 957450897- 652011881
Email: cursosforinter2.cji@juntadeandalucia.es



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