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CALL FOR TENDERS External Evaluation of the project E.MM.E.: Enterprises Meet Migrants for Employment AMIF/2017/AG/INTE/821726

This call is issued by the Consortium of the project E.M.M.E.-Enterprises Meet migrants for Employment, which intends to commission a contract for the provision of external evaluation services for the project itself.

  1. General information
    Summary of the project
    The EMME project aims to promote and raise awareness on early and effective integration of third country nationals in the labour market. To reach this overall objective the project envisages a transnational partnership composed by key actors in the field of labour market integration, private employment service, support and representation of enterprises, education and vocational training.
    The partner organizations will involve enterprises since the beginning of the project and will offer a range of interconnected services aimed at:
  • Promoting diversity and non-discrimination at the workplace
  • Promoting the use of EU Skills Profile Tool for TCNs
  • Providing training programmes that support TCNs to integrate into the workplace and supporting their skills development
  • Supporting employers in hiring TCNs
  • Providing post placement support to TCNs and employers
    The short term beneficiaries are 100 enterprises involved in the activities (engaged in needs analysis focus groups and workshops to promote diversity management) and 60 partner organisations’ staff who will be trained on common methodologies and EU tools (EU skills profile tool for TCNs) to foster the skills assessment of TCNs. On the medium term: 300 TCNs will be trained (training based on labour market needs), 100 TCNs will be offered placement opportunities and post placement support (EMME Desk and tutoring activity) and the use of EU tools will be spread on other staff of partner organisations (approx. 3500 staff). Thanks to the valorisation activities other EU organisations, TCNs and enterprises (long term beneficiaries) will benefit from the project results.
    The project involves directly 3 EU countries (IT, UK, ES) and indirectly will affect 3 other EU countries (FR, DE, BE) that will be engaged in the valorisation and dissemination process.
    P1/Il Cenacolo (IT), the promoter, is one of the main actors in Tuscany for the management of reception and integration services for refugees and asylum seekers and it has developed a set of methodologies to facilitate their access to work in the local SMEs.

P2/CO&SO (IT) is a consortium of cooperatives that provides a wide range of services included training provision and support to the planning and implementation of EU funded project.
P3/Confcooperative Toscana (IT), is an association of employers, it provides supporting services to the affiliated enterprises ant it is in contact with a wide network of local SMEs.
P4/Fondazione Adecco per le pari opportunità (IT) is a foundation with expertise in the development of training programmes aimed at fostering the integration of vulnerable and disadvantaged persons into the labour market. It has longstanding experience in carreer guidance and in services addressed to the enterprises.
P5/Bridges Programmes (UK) is Scotland’s specialist agency working in the social and economic integration and inclusion of refugees and TCNs. It is specialized in skills assessment and validation, vocational language support, employer engagement and provision of placement support.
P6/Glasgow Clyde College (UK) is one of Scotland’s largest further education institutions. It provides vocational and skills trainings for all learners, including vulnerable target group, long term unemployed, migrant workers and refugees.
P7/Glasgow City Council (UK) is the local government body of the city of Glasgow, it has recently launched a new multi-stakeholder taskforce aimed at creating a local strategy for migration based on three key components: workforce, skills and links with employers. It has a special department to provide services to the local enterprises.
P8/Almeria Acoge (ES) is an association active since 1987 in Andalucia and specialized in providing services addressed to migrants: reception and housing programmes, counselling, career guidance, placement implementation and job active search trainings.
P9/Universidad de Almeria (ES), Centre for Migration Studies and Intercultural Relations (CEMyRI) is a specific department created with the sponsorship of the Secretary of State for Immigration and Emigration-Ministry of Labour and Immigration, in order to organize and conduct outreach educational and research on immigration. It has participated to EU funded project in the field of TCNs integration into the labour market, testing the use of innovative trainings addressed to the target.
P10/Rambla Abogados y Asesores (ES) is a training and consultancy organisation based in Andalucia. It offers a wide range of services to enterprises and in particular innovative trainings to support entrepreneurship and to promote employability
Keywords: TCNs, integration, labour market, enterprises, transnational partnership
Starting date: 01/01/2019
Duration in months: 24 months

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