• Tuesday , 5 December 2023

The European Researchers’ Night 2016

On Friday September 30th 2016 in Almeria’s Rambla at 17h, you cannot miss the more human side of research by meeting and talking with experts of different subjects. Experiments, workshops, demonstrations, experiences, itineraries, performances, monologues…Everything is valid to bring research closer to citizens in an accurate but always fun way, in order to understand their jobs, the benefits they bring to society and their consequences in their daily life. The program has also the ‘micromeetings’, where participants can solve any doubts and questions about the research project they have been discovering.

CEMyRI will have a space with different activities to reflect on prejudices and stereotypes about immigrants and immigration in general. To do so, the researchers from the centre will invite people to participate in these different educational activities.

More information: https://lanochedelosinvestigadores.fundaciondescubre.es/que-es/



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