• Sunday , 2 October 2022

Meeting Conferences: Healthcare Professionals’ training in Immigration


III MEETING CONFERENCES: Healthcare Professionals’ training in Immigration, that have the aim to analyse important aspects of the relationship between the healthcare staff and users or immigrants with new intervention and communication strategies against gender violence (active listening skills and empathy).

La CIMME Foundation was created in 1994 in Seville by a Healthcare professional team of different nationalities. In 1995 was declared of public use. Among its objectives we find: better physical and psychological wellbeing of people, especially from other countries, and promoting the fight against inequalities of the vulnerable.

Since 2007, it is developing, along with related health and immigration professionals, the project “Healthcare professionals’ training in Immigration” that wants to increase awareness, inform and train these professionals to give an accurate healthcare to people with different culture and language. To the project, the first step to get in contact with the immigrants’ population is to work with health professionals through training and awareness programmes about these new realities.


Lugar: Hall of “Agustín Díaz Toledo”, Building C, Faculty of Humanities. University of Almeria

Horario: from 9:30 to 14:30hs

Free entrance till complete capacity

cimme-programa-ii cimme-programa


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