• Thursday , 28 September 2023

Mediation and Gender in intercultural contexts

Next Monday, November 20, the CEMyRI and the CEPAIM Foundation will begin the FC Course entitled: Mediation and Gender in intercultural contexts.

This course is part of the “ADELANTE” program, a program for women in situations of social vulnerability, and is co-financed by the ESF and the Andalusian Regional Government in coordination with the CEPAIM Foundation.

With this training the students will be able to acquire specific knowledge related to Mediation and gender in intercultural contexts, which will allow them to participate in job offers from the third sector, thus improving their professional projection and work possibilities.

For its part, the CEMyRI will provide a list of professionals, experts in these matters, and extensive experience in management of regulated education courses related to the field of migration, intercultural relations and vulnerable groups.



• Generate spaces of knowledge for women of the “Adelante” program through training that allows them to expand their employment opportunities by taking advantage of the human capital that each of them possesses.
• Link the academic knowledge of the professionals that make up the CEMyRI with the practical knowledge of the different teachers belonging to the third sector, promoting a necessary relationship between the academic world and the world of direct social intervention

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