• Saturday , 30 September 2023



ReCULM addresses the refugee crisis’ training needs for cultural mediators. The project is led by an international team of partners and drives the official recognition of cultural mediation as a profession. It will empower Cultural Mediators with the set of knowledge, skills and competences required to keep up with the demands of the current and emerging reality in Europe as regards the needs of refugees and asylum seekers strengthening their working reflexes and adaptability, and eventually, increasing their professional efficiency and expertise.

Based on the investigation of the current vocational needs of Cultural Mediators, we are developing an up-to-date, modular course on refugee crisis management. We are responding to the increasing demand for the quality, supply and accessibility of vocational education and training for Cultural Mediators, providing guidance and resources for flexible learning pathways. In addition to the Open Educational Resources, the project team will develop an original Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to support large scale and open access participation in training.

Please get in touch if you are an interpreter, NGO manager, trainer, practitioner, volunteer, refugee, researcher, student, journalist or just interested in the project. We hope you can join us.

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