• Saturday , 10 June 2023

WORKSHOP: Trabajando con refugiados: Principios, habilidades y perspectivas

CEMyRI will be organizing the ReCULM Project Workshop (A vet Course for Cultural Mediators to address the refugee crisis’s skills needs) entitled: “Trabajando con Refugiados: Principios, Habilidades y Perspectivas”.  This day is part of the “Multiplier Event” package of this project and is coordinated by the National Center for Social Research (Greece) and financed by the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership programme. The Workshop aims to bring together specialists, professionals from the area of ​​Intercultural Mediation, volunteers and students, interested in expanding their knowledge about the training needs of Cultural Mediators in Spain in order to face the imminent refugee crisis needs.


More information: Enrollments will be made in order of registration for free

For more information, contact: cemyri.ual@gmail.com

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