• Monday , 25 September 2023

Third Edition. Course on Mediation and Gender in intercultural contexts

Cepaim Foundation  (El Ejido-Almería) organizes, together with the University of Almería and the Center for Migrations Studies and Intercultural Relations (CEMyRI)  the Course “Mediation and gender in contexts intercultural (2nd Edition)”,  to be held from June 4th to June 14th, 2019.

The course is designed for unemployed women. Its objective is to train participants in skills for Cultural Mediation, thus promoting their employability in the third sector, in positions related to mediation.

This training will have a duration of 30 hours and will be taught by the University’s own staff and professionals from third sector entities.

The training will be divided into 10 modules with the following contents:

Module 1 – Key concepts of  Cultural Mediation.

Module 2 – Conflict and mediation in intercultural contexts.

Module 3 – The gender perspective within Cultural Mediation.

Module 4 – Psychosocial aspects of gender violence.

Module 5 – Mediation and socio-labor insertion.

Module 6 – Mediation in the humanitarian field. Processes of administrative regularization for foreigners and intervention in settlements.

Module 7 – Mediation in the family environment in intercultural contexts. (Asylum and refuge).

Module 8 – How do we perceive others? Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination.

Module 9 – Mediation in the face of rumors. Resources for the intervention.

Module 10 – The health of the immigrant and refugee population.

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