• Monday , 4 December 2023



  1. Investigating and knowing the migration processes and all their dimensions from different perspectives by theoretical and field studies.
  2. Training theoretically, methodologically and practically new professionals, mediators and researchers in the migration field according to quality and excellence criteria.
  3. Promoting the investigator’s mobility and exchange within training and investigation programmes.
  4. Promoting, advising and evaluating social intervention projects in migratory field, collaborating with different administrations (local, provincial, autonomic and estate).
  5. Communicating and sharing research’s results with the administration, organisms and public and private institutions that deal with migratory movements. And also, giving advice to these companies and organisations that work with foreigners or migrants employees, as well as unions, NGO, etc.
  6. Developing an interdisciplinary network with successful Spanish and foreigner’s teams that will help to unite and coordinate several investigations that are now active as well as promoting comparative researches.
  7. Training for nationals or foreigners in Complementary Studies courses (Cultural Mediation, Social Healthcare, professionals’ training, etc.
  8. Carrying out diffusion, awareness and sensitivity activities (through conferences and meetings) and also academic training activities (masters, courses, seminars, etc).