• Sunday , 2 October 2022


– Master in Studies and Social Intervention in Immigration, Development and Vulnerable Groups

– PhD in Migration Studies, Development and Social Intervention

– Training for:

  • Executive teams of non-profit companies
  • Teams of volunteers and employed staff

– Training in:

  • Third sector and social economy direction and management
    • Economic management in the third sector (accounting and fundraising)
    • Management of human teams
    • Positive management of conflicts
    • Quality management for the third sector
    • Plans, programmes and projects elaboration
    • Social intervention planning
    • Social intervention methodology
    • Plans, programmes and projects evaluation
    • Social communication skills
    • Training for professionals
  • Development cooperation
  • Volunteering and social action
    • Motivation, skills and competences
    • Recruitment and dynamism
  • Social intervention skills
    • Intercultural competences
    • Cultural mediation
    • Social research and needs detection methodology (SWOT analysis)
    • Elaboration of technical and research reports
    • Training for professionals in migrations, interculturalism and diversity management
  • Socio-educational and pedagogical intervention
    • Gender equality
    • Diversity
    • Human Rights
    • Social involvement